Bernie Sanders Supporters Are The New American Revolution And It’s About More Than Bernie!


“We the People” must all play a role in this country for the fight against civil injustice. We all must be willing and eager to bring forth ideas to help make our nation a better place. And, the fight must not end when a political campaign ends. This ” Political Revolution” must be a 24/7 around the clock endeavor. We must fight for adequate job training, which in turn will help small businesses. We must fight for family counseling and other programs to help families stay together and moreover, realize the American Dream.

There is a bevy of evidence that the ” American Experiment Is Under Crisis.” These crises could be more severe than at any other time in our nation’s history. It was just in 2008 our country faced a crisis in our financial markets that would have made the ” Great Depression” look like child’s play.

The reality is its way too late for establishment politics from either political party to make a difference. It’s way too late for establishment economics to help the average American. We need new thinking and bold thinking to facilitate a positive change from the status quo.

We Must Address the Issue of Wealth Inequality in America.

When we have a nation today when a few billionaires have overwhelming influence over the economic and political systems of this country there is nothing We the People can accomplish unless we have the unity and intestinal fortitude to take them on. This is what our ” Political Revolution” is all about.

There must be a plan in place that offers help to our cities, education, jobs, and justice for all. No matter how uncomfortable this may be for some in America, the Unites States is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. However, very few Americans realize this wealth because this wealth is in the hands of the 1% who trickle this wealth to off-shore bank accounts.

America has the worst income inequality than any other country in the world. America cannot run away from these statistical realities. This inequality is the biggest moral issue facing our nation today, and Bernie Sanders has been a leader of the pack in advocating the need for change. Moving forward, any “Political Revolution,” promoting a shift in the American political process must address this issue.

Just recently former President Jimmy Carter went on record proclaiming the American political system as corrupt, that has become an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery that has circumvented the will of the people.

As we reported last year in the House of Public Discourse after the disastrous 2014 mid-term elections the first fight, we must engage in is the overturning of the Citizens United court decision. This Supreme Court decision says to the wealthiest people in America you can now buy the United States government. Citizen United undermines the very foundational tenets of American democracy. What many Americans both men and woman have fought and lost their lives over.

Something is very wrong when one family the Koch Brothers can spend more money bribing politicians than both political parties are spending to promote their candidates combined. Once again, Bernie Sanders has been out front in opposing this cancer on our democracy.

There is one thing for sure if We the People just sit back and do nothing ______ nothing will change! If we just expect someone else to do it and not get involved ourselves, nothing will change.

When we talk about the issue of education in America. One must realize that we live in a time of a highly competitive global markets. In this writer’s view, it is insane that we have thousands of bright young people many who are minorities who have the will and the ability to get a college education but their families can’t afford to pay the ever-rising cost of tuition.

This reality is one of self-destruction for America. Bernie Sanders has advocated for making every public college and university in America tuition free. Moreover, he has not only done this from the speech podium he has also introduced a bill to make it so. What this means is that kids no matter their parent’s income level will know if they study hard and do their school work they will have a shot at not only a higher education but achieving a better life for their family and future family. The bottom line is the economic status of a person family should not and will not be a determining factor in getting a higher education and is very much a part of the new ” Political Revolution.”

The world has changed since the 1940’s and 50″s. Woman make up a huge portion of the workplace. Its, not just Dad working. One of the main elements of the new political revolution says we must provide a first-class child care and Pre-Kindergarten system in our country.

One of the most talked about issues in America is jobs. A problem that both political parties jabber about and use as a political football. We read every month that unemployment has gone down. This fact is encouraging. No one can fault President Obama for his efforts. However, the unemployment rate is but just one of many reports that comes out on jobs. This stat does not consider people who have given up looking for work or who are working part-time. There is an issue very few people are talking about, and you will not see much of in the corporate-owned mainstream media is the problem of youth unemployment.

If you are a white kid between 17-20 with a high school diploma you have a 33% unemployment rate. If you are a Hispanic kid between 17-20, you have a 36% unemployment rate. If you are a black kid between 17-20 with a high school diploma you have a 51% unemployment rate. [See Source]

These rates are a disgrace and constitute a real crisis in America.  It’s not unfair to say we are turning our backs on an entire generation. Once again Bernie Sanders has led the charge in changing this tragedy and why his campaign  drew the support of the ” Millennial Voter.” The new ” Political Revolution” must not allow this to continue no matter if Bernie was cheated out of the nomination.


For millions of American citizens, the American Dream has been locked up by the Criminal Justice System.  . This tragedy must be addressed by the new ” Political Revolution.” America has more people in jail than any other country in the world including China. As previously mentioned with so many of America’s youth out of work what has resulted is high incarceration rates in this demographic.

Our ” Political Government Reform Group” position on this issue are we must as a nation turn our efforts into investing in jobs and education rather than building jails and prisons. Bernie Sanders along with other Progressive Democrats have introduced legislation that would create one million jobs over the next several years for these unemployed youths. Part of this bill would be to create jobs by rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Moreover, these jobs would not be minimum wage jobs. A major part of the new political revolution is to increase the minimum wage from the starvation wage of $7.25 per hour to a living wage of $15.00 per hour.

Now, when we talk about justice. When we speak of the need for all people in America to be treated equally and with respect. Some hard realities must be faced. These realities are that if you are a black male one out of four can expect to be locked up in jail. We must all work hard to change that dynamic. This reality is a sad story that must be rewritten. As a country, We the People can no longer ignore that. In the present, blacks are imprisoned six times the rate as whites. Blacks are three times more apt to be searched during a traffic stop than a white motorist. African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested than whites and four times more likely to experience the use of force than whites. [See Source]

One of the major side effects of these horrific statistical facts is that 13% of African American males and females have lost the right to vote due to felony convictions. In this writer’s view, there is a need for significant changes in the Criminal Justice System in America. This will be a major focal point moving forward and should be a high priority for any real progressive political reform undertaking.

Across America, as many people already know, and we see almost every day to many African-Americans, and other minorities find themselves subjected to a system that treats citizens who have not committed crimes as if they were criminals. A growing number of communities all over America do not trust the police. These Police Departments have become disconnected with the communities they are paid to serve.

As mayor of Burlington, Vermont Bernie Sanders Administration moved to a system of community policing. Community policing means that police are a part of the commonwealth that helps in the citizens not seeing the police as a repressive force. The new “Political Revolution” must make the dying of unarmed American citizens at the hands of police as a crime against humanity and put a stop to it once and for all. Violence and brutality of any kind, especially by police officers, sworn to protect and serve the community is not only unacceptable but will no longer be tolerated.

We must reform our Criminal Justice System! ” Black Lives Do Matter” as all human life matters.

Americans need a Justice Department that will take the lead in working with states and local law enforcement to train police officers properly. Force should always be the last resort, not the first resort. For people who have committed crimes that have landed them in jail, there needs to be a system that leads them back from prison. The rate of recidivism in America is to high. People go to jail when they get out they have no money, no jobs, and a criminal record that will keep them that way plus hamper their ability to find decent housing.

The new ” Political Revolution” must attack the arresting of our citizens of nonviolent crimes like smoking marijuana. It is an international embarrassment that we have more people in jail than any other country. It’s a disgrace how our nation stigmatizes so many young Americans with a criminal record for smoking pot. However, oddly enough not one major Wall Street executive has been prosecuted for causing the near total collapse of our entire economy. As I reported in a Liberal America article, we need to end ” Prisons for Profit.

The new ” Political Revolution” must not allow a corporation to make money based on how many people we lock up. The measure of effective law enforcement should not be based on how many individuals go to jail but, instead how many people we keep out of jail. Bernie Sanders campaign has advocated the investment in drug courts and medical and mental health intervention programs. So many people in prison today suffer from mental health issues. It’s our duty as citizens to help these people instead of just locking them up.

Furthermore, we must confront and deal with these ” Domestic Terror” groups who seek to terrorize the African American and Hispanic communities with violence and intimidation. Too many Americans have fought and died for equal rights for all in this country and to not do something about this growing racially motivated domestic terrorism by subversive white supremacist groups would be a travesty.

There are hundreds of hate groups in America whose sole purpose is based on the hatred of African Americans and other minorities. The new ” Political Revolution” must demand an end to this disease and implore help from the federal government in doing so.

Like the Bible foretold, these are critical times we live in today, hard to deal with. The 2016 election across every spectrum was one of the biggest elections ever in determining what direction this nation will take.  What we could have had  was a champion for real positive progressive’s reforms Bernie Sanders, but, he was shut out from the process in a myriad of ways. Instead, what we got was a preordained corporatist neoliberalThird Way Democrat,” Hillary Clinton who was flawed and who many warned could not win. What has resulted from these warning coming true is one of the most bombastic and outright vocal racists ever to win the White House, Donald Trump. But, these failures by the Democratic Party establishment is our opportunity we now have the leverage of not ” I Told You So, But, Being Right.” It’s up to us to use this opportunity and leverage in the right way not just for Progressives but all mankind here and abroad.

This Song Maybe an Oldie, But! It’s a Goodie.

Written: Johnny Hill


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