Presidential Election: The Island of Misfit Toys

The results are in and Donald Trump is the new president-elect for the United States of America. This was the most disappointing election in my lifetime.  We had no viable candidates for which we could cast a confident vote.  Our choices were the two evils, Hillary Clinton, Democrat, Donald Trump, Republican and Jill Stein, Green Party, and Gary Johnson, Libertarian.  In the aftermath of the Berner Movement, these were the leftovers.  So who did America choose as our next fearless leader: none other than, Donald J. Trump, a business mogul with little to no knowledge of American politics.  The questions on every American’s mind are as follows:

What will Trump do next? What is his vision for the country? Is he a racist?  Will he divide the nation across racial lines?  How can we possibly place our trust in a man that has made derogatory comments about women, various races, and the country as a whole?

The biggest question of all is what are WE going to do next?  What can we do to respond to, what by all accounts is as fair of an election as could be (yes, there are some concerns regarding electoral fraud, but that is to be expected when the less popular candidate is elected) the least popular candidate being elected; a candidate perceived as an entitled demagogue who uses divisive language to further his own political agenda?  Are we screwed America?  Did we allow division within the Democratic Party and our utter disgust with the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, to elect Trump. I say, NO!  I say that the blame lies with the DNC and Hillary Clinton, solely.  Berners are not to blame for the election results; corruption and favoritism are to blame.  Hillary was never in a position to beat Trump.  Our next step is to hold the new, overwhelmingly Republican elected officials, to a higher standard with additional oversight.  We watch them like a hawk and make sure that they follow through on every promise.  The Democratic platform should not “go gentle into that good night,” (Dylan Thomas, 1951). We continue to fight for what is fair and just for ALL.


LaQuaria Barton


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