De’ja` Vu: The Aftermath of Corruption

“The main purpose is to tell Donald Trump he can’t just deport 11 million undocumented people,” Noelle Yasso said. “They’re here to stay and we stand in solidarity with them.”(CNN, November 13, 2016)

Anti-Trump protests have started in Manhattan; San Francisco; District of Columbia; Los Angeles; Springfield, Massachusetts;  Chicago; Washington; Dayton, Ohio; Cincinnati; Oklahoma City; Salt Lake City; Providence, Rhode Island; and Atlanta.  Some of these protests have been peaceful and some have been violent.  All of these American citizens, whether they are mad as hell and acting out of frustration or sulking in silence, have one thing in common: they are utterly dismayed by the election results.

I titled this post De’ja` Vu because these protests are reminiscent of the protests that took place across the nation when Bernie Sanders was robbed, yes, robbed of the Democratic candidacy for president.  We cited election fraud and political favoritism, but no one seem to think it was important.  The DNC and its prize horse, Hillary Clinton, forced Bernie Sanders, who was supported by millions, to concede by promising the most progressive Democratic platform in the history of the party and that it was.  But here’s the conundrum: what happened to all of the Bernie supporters once the leader of the political revolution gracefully bowed out?  The answer: Berners continued the Berner Movement without Bernie at its forefront.  We love Bernie, please don’t confuse the message, but many of us vowed never to support Hillary Clinton and the election results are a reflection of that pledge. Come on can say it..You either didn’t vote at all or you switched party affiliation and defected to the Independents (Green or Libertarian).  The consequence or even punishment for the dissension within the Democratic Party as a result of the DNC’s publicized corruption elected Trump.

Now they want to protest?  It’s almost laughable! Where was all of this passion for the cause when Bernie was railroaded? It was misplaced with Hillary. Now, the Hillary camp is feeling what Berners have been feeling for months: violated! They’re calling for the Electoral College to vote for Hillary because she received the popular vote.  Do you know that Democrats have won the popular vote in the last six of seven presidential elections?  But guess what….it made no difference!  Truth be told, Democrats didn’t vote in this election and white Republicans in rural America showed up by the bus loads to vote Trump into office.

Protest all you want! Sign as many petitions as your heart desires! Trump is the Aftermath of a divided party.  Your meal was Bernie Sanders, which you devoured and licked your chops and Trump is your JUST desserts; like it or loathe it.

Now, we (The People) are left to clean up your mess (the aftermath).

LaQuaria Barton


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