Our Political Revolution

Hello fellow Americans and welcome to Our Political Revolution.  The purpose of this site is to provide a safe space that facilitates open and honest dialogue about the current state of the American Government.  It is a place for us to come together as One Voice and One People to decide our next steps and become organized in our efforts to reclaim our government from corruption.  This site supports progressive thinking and progressive politics that work in the best interest of ALL American citizens. So lets begin by defining Political Revolution and what it means to be Progressive.

According to Wikipedia,

political revolution, in the Trotskyist theory, is an upheaval in which the government is replaced, or the form of government altered, but in which property relations are predominantly left intact.”

According to The Political Revolution-Progressives for the People https://www.thepoliticalrev.org/about/ , 

The Political Revolution is a collective of volunteers that grew out of the Bernie Sanders campaign. We’re an organization focused on digital campaigning, and connecting progressives across the nation. Our goal is to support progressive candidates and ballot iniatives on a state-by-state message, and to amplify the message of other like-minded organizations and campaigns.

Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont, says the following:

“We need a political revolution of millions of people in this country who are prepared to stand up and say, ‘enough is enough’ … I want to help lead that effort.” – Sen. Bernie Sanders

Progressive Movement:

The Progressive Era was a period of widespread social activism and political reform across the United States, from the 1890s to the 1920s. The main objective of the Progressive movement was eliminating corruption in government. The movement primarily targeted political machines and their bosses.(Wikipedia)

LaQuaria Barton